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Introduced Ncpa simulation and correction via pyramid slope modification

Johan Mazoyer requested to merge ncpa into main
  • Modify to be able to change corono type
  • change to be able to add ncpa from a fits file. path to fits file can be indicated in parameter dictionary.
  • change to be able to modify pyWFS slopes with the same ncpa values (after the matrix are calculated). Added a boolean parameter to do so parameter dictionary
  • add a few fits files in ncpa_fits dir with various opd maps in nm, in 400x400 dimension - a zelda opd map measured on sphere - Same one as previously with : hidden dead actu + frequency cropped at 21 l/D - Simulated NCPAs with the same opd and various amplitude (RMS = 40 to 200)
  • introduced a parameter file in each simulation directory in csv to clearly archive which parameter where used, including code version / date. I use csv which are much easier to manipulate with panda than txt file.
  • a few format change (sorry my editor automatically remove trailing whitespace and empty final line of the document in accordance to pylint rules so this MR introduced very small format modifications at other places)
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