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    One pixel rows or columns adjusted in MUSE cutouts · 2135a3ba
    Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
    Due to very small WCS differences, we might be having one column or
    row difference between the warped HST images and the MUSE images. To
    generate the catalog, the two images need to be the same size, so this
    was a problem.
    To solve it, the MUSE images are now cutout from the input image in a
    new directory (`muse-cutouts'). Then, after the HST images are warped,
    the MUSE and HST-warped image sizes are compared and if they are
    different, the MUSE image corrected (by one row or column of pixels
    along the respective dimension). Then it is put into the old `cutouts'
    directory. If the sizes are the same, then a copy is just put there.
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