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    A few changes ;-) · 191df70d
    Éric Thiébaut authored
    Shared objects are built on top of `tao_shared_data_t` instances which
    provide a mechanism for r/w locking the resource.  The code for
    finalizing shared resources is simpler because we can assume that
    the mutex associated to shared data is always owned for a short period.
    This will also simplifies getting images from a remote camera: semaphores
    will no longer be needed (code compiles but is broken for now in that
    Most functions return a `tao_status_t` to represent success, error or
    timeout.  This simplifies and unifies calls to functions with a duration
    limit.  This makes the code more clear about the intention:
    `foo(...) == TAO_OK` is much better than `foo(...) == 0` or, worse,