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    Change shared camera information · 01eebe8b
    Éric Thiébaut authored
    Virtual frame-grabber and shared camera now provide information about the list
    of shared arrays created by the virtual frame-grabber.  This is to imporve
    efficiency of clients which no longer need to systematically attach posted
    images.  It has also been clarified that the `counter` member in shared arrays,
    in virtual frame-grabber structure and shared cameras reflects the number of
    images posted by the virtual frame-grabber.  Then the index of the shared array
    in the list is given by:
        index = (counter - 1)%length
    where `length` is the length of the list and providing `counter > 0`.
    A number of members in TAO structures have been qualified as `volatile` (those
    which may atomically change) or as `const` (those which are immutable).