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produce RGB images from three Image() instances

David Carton requested to merge rgb_images into master

I have implemented some extra functionality for creating RGB composite images.

There are essentially two new functions:

  • mpdaf.obj.plot_rgb - this mirrors mpdaf.obj.Image().plot
  • mpdaf.sdetect.Source.show_rgb - this mirrors mpdaf.sdetect.Source.show_ima

The ultimate goal would be to integrate this into MARZ and allow users to plot an RGB image rather than just a monochrome one. Having colour information is very helpful for distinguishing objects crowded fields.

N.B. Because the code uses Image.align_with_image, it is quite slow with large (> 500 x 500 ??) images with different alignments. In which case a user probably should be considering other more purpose built tools / packages anyway. For small cut-outs (like those found in the Source files), there is no problem.

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