Commit f177eb2e authored by Éric Thiébaut's avatar Éric Thiébaut
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Disable weighting (another bug found by Michel) for now

parent a0bb98d3
......@@ -127,11 +127,15 @@ function findalignedboxes(A::AbstractMatrix{<:Real},
if length(Ix) nx && length(Iy) ny
score1 = zero(T)
@inbounds for k in 1:nx
score1 += Wx[k]*Qx[Ix[k]]
# FIXME: needs to sort to apply weights
#score1 += Wx[k]*Qx[Ix[k]]
score1 += Qx[Ix[k]]
score2 = zero(T)
@inbounds for k in 1:ny
score2 += Wy[k]*Qy[Iy[k]]
# FIXME: needs to sort to apply weights
#score2 += Wy[k]*Qy[Iy[k]]
score2 += Qy[Iy[k]]
score = score1 + score2
if best_score < score
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