Commit a0bb98d3 authored by Éric Thiébaut's avatar Éric Thiébaut
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Fix bug found by Michel ;-)

parent 58f39e00
......@@ -256,7 +256,7 @@ end
function differentiate!(A::AbstractVector{T}) where {T<:Subtractable}
imin, imax = axis_limits(axes(A,1))
if imax > imin
a2, a3 = A[imin], A[imin]
a2, a3 = A[imin], A[imin+1]
A[imin] = diff1(T, a3, a2)
@simd for i in imin+1:imax-1
a1, a2, a3 = a2, a3, A[i+1]
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