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      Re-organize headers and add more generic macros · ce696448
      Éric Thiébaut authored
      - Split the gigantic <tao.h> header in smaller headers.
      - Make most structures opaque. Structure definitions are in
        <tao-*-private.h> headers.
      - Reduce the number of rebuilt files when a header is modified.
      - In code, TAO headers should be included first, then "config.h" (if
        needed), finally standard C headers.
      - Eliminate compatibility code for Booleans (trust <stdbool.h>).
      - If one is lazy, <tao.h> can be included; but it is generally
        sufficient to include a subset of the TAO headers.
  8. 09 Jul, 2021 1 commit
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      Rewrite Alpao driver to only manage the device · 86d0c165
      Éric Thiébaut authored
      The idea is that a deformable mirror server shall manage 3 resources:
      - a device driver (specific to the type of mirror);
      - a remote mirror instance to communicate with clients;
      - a shared mirror data instance to provide telemetry data;
  9. 08 Jul, 2021 1 commit
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      Standardization of names · f6804b8e
      Éric Thiébaut authored
      Standard C imposes that names prefixed by `_` and types suffixed by `_t`
      are reserved).  Hence:
      - Public symbols and macros are prefixed by `tao_` and `TAO_`.
      - Private/helper symbols and macros are prefixed by `tao__` and `TAO__`.
      - Types are no longer suffixed by `_t`.
      - `struct`/`enum`/`union` have the same name as their `typedef`
      - Headers define a macro `TAO_..._H_` to avoid being included more than
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    • Éric Thiébaut's avatar
      Add style guidelines and apply them · 1d831273
      Éric Thiébaut authored
      This results in an enormous number of changes but it makes the code more
      consistent and, hopefully, easier to read/understand.  The code statements
      have been mostly left untouched, the libraries compile and all tests that
      do not require access to a device were successful.
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      A few changes ;-) · 191df70d
      Éric Thiébaut authored
      Shared objects are built on top of `tao_shared_data_t` instances which
      provide a mechanism for r/w locking the resource.  The code for
      finalizing shared resources is simpler because we can assume that
      the mutex associated to shared data is always owned for a short period.
      This will also simplifies getting images from a remote camera: semaphores
      will no longer be needed (code compiles but is broken for now in that
      Most functions return a `tao_status_t` to represent success, error or
      timeout.  This simplifies and unifies calls to functions with a duration
      limit.  This makes the code more clear about the intention:
      `foo(...) == TAO_OK` is much better than `foo(...) == 0` or, worse,
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