Commit bb4e8550 authored by Éric Thiébaut's avatar Éric Thiébaut
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Fix setting the reference as a configure command

parent bc2749d2
......@@ -295,10 +295,20 @@ tao_serial tao_remote_mirror_set_reference(
// Wait until server be ready for a new command.
tao_serial num = tao_remote_object_lock_for_command(
tao_remote_object_cast(obj), TAO_COMMAND_NONE, secs);
tao_remote_object_cast(obj), TAO_COMMAND_CONFIG, secs);
if (num > 0) {
// Copy reference commands and unlock ressources.
// The server is ready for a new command.
// 1. Copy the reference commands in the shared ressources.
memcpy(dest, vals, nvals*sizeof(double));
// 2. There is nothing else to be done by the server, so we increment
// our-self the command counter and clear the pending command to not
// bother the server.
obj->base.ncmds = num;
obj->base.command = TAO_COMMAND_NONE;
// 3. Finally unlock the ressources.
if (tao_remote_mirror_unlock(obj) != TAO_OK) {
num = -1;
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