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## Important
* In Julia and Yorick interfaces, it should be forbidden to attach more than
once to the same shared memory area (risk of deadlock).
* Fuse worker and server threads in camera server. Benefits: code much
simplified (less bugs?) and spare one concurrent RT thread (should reduce the
* Do the pre-processing at the lowest possible level (camera device) to spare a
wake-up for Phoenix cameras and perhaps others.
* Add a possible perturbation for the DM such that: actual commands =
commands + reference + perturbation. This perturbation can be set by any
client, e.g., to simulate turbulence, to perform calibration, etc. Save this
pertubation in the output telemetry.
* Choosing a sub-image with ActiveSilicon Phoenix frame grabber is not yet
fully working (chosen ROI must respect hardware constraints: horizontal
offset and width must be multiples of 16, vertical offset and height must be
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cleanup functions.
* Quitting a process does not release its locks. This is intended because
having a (write) lock means that the protected ressources are potentially in
having a (write) lock means that the protected resources are potentially in
an intermediate state and, obviously, releasing the lock automatically is a
bad idea because the state cannot be fixed. Perhaps, read-only locks can be
(and are?) released automatically? If locks are used to wait on a condition,
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