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    Finalized reproduction pipeline · 408ebae5
    Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
    This commit does not affect the processing.
    Some final touches were made to the pipeline to make it easier and
    more stable for reproduction. The most important changes are:
     - The configuration files now have the specific version of Gnuastro
       in them so the pipeline doesn't run with any other version.
     - A README file was added to explain how to run the pipeline and also
       the dependencies.
     - Since the `flock' program might not be available on some systems, a
       Perl script was put in `reproduce/scripts/flock' so people can use
       it instead.
     - Some corrections were made in the downloaded file names.
     - Until now, the pipeline used a separate version of Gnuastro for its
       Table program which could write output into a FITS table (version
       0.2.51-bc56 which is used in the pipeline can't do that). But the
       format of the output is irrelevant, for the purpose here, the
       contents are important. So this step was removed and the final
       tarball output of the pipeline is now fully reproducible with the
       single 0.2.51-bc56 version of Gnuastro.
     - The final tarball is placed in the `reproduce/output' directory,
       because it may be necessary later (when the intermediate files are