1. 21 Dec, 2016 2 commits
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      Moved the aligned UDF images to a separate directory · 487d752d
      Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
      The aligned UDF (not UDF10) images were in the same directory as the
      cutouts of each subfield. They are now saved in a separate directory
      of the top build directory to make the cutouts directory more easily
      understandable/managable. Especially since the HST images will be
      coming in too soon.
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      MUSE and HST PSFs created, but images not matched · bdca120b
      Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
      The MUSE PSFs were given as parameters to a Moffat function fit. So
      they were created using Gnuastro's MakeProfiles. The HST PSF was also
      generated from one of the bright stars in the UDF. It isn't the
      brightest, but so far we haven't checked if it was saturated or
      not. However, apparently, Gnuastro's convolve had problems in finding
      the kernel to convolve with the HST image to get to the MUSE
      So for now, we have kept the rules (to work on them later), but they
      are currently ignored in the pipeline (they aren't a prerequisite to
      anything). Since the MUSE PSF is much wider than the HST, for now, we
      will just convolve the HST image with the MUSE PSF. Later, when the
      problem above is solved, we will find the proper kernel more
  2. 18 Dec, 2016 2 commits