1. 27 Jun, 2006 2 commits
  2. 21 Jun, 2006 2 commits
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      I forgot those files in the previous commit. · ac5cc081
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      - Implement the -3 mode in g_ampli.c to compute the sensitivity map in the · c90ada50
      Eric Jullo authored
      source plane.
      - Change the name of  the pi global variable to imFrame.
      - Finish the marchingSquares algorithm
      - Improve the optimisation speed by a factor 10.
      - Change the parameters passage from value to pointer for some basic functions.
      - Reorganise of the set_lens_par() and set_lens() functions.
      - Rename the Mcrit and Mcrit12 global constants to MCRIT and MCRIT12.
      - Fix a BUG in wfits.c/wrf_fits().
      - Append the Bayesys annealing rate in the .par file as the 2nd argument of the
      lenstool keyword inverse.
      - Make that the clump identifier in the potfile corresponds to the one written
      out in pot.dat
      - For PIEMD type, plot Re in pot.dat
      - Fix BUG in configure for different places of the headers and WCS library
      - Fix BUG in o_set_lens_bayes.c:setParVal() when setting the ellipticity of a
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