Commit ebb7c3d8 authored by Johan Richard's avatar Johan Richard
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Added checkpar in Makefile

parent 776bafa6
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ AM_CFLAGS = @CFITSIO_HDR@ @WCS_HDR@ @GSL_HDR@ -I@top_srcdir@/include \
liblenstool_a_SOURCES = \
al_sq_point.c amplif.c amplif_mat.c amplif_matinv.c \
bayesapp.c bayesys3.c bicubic_coef.c bicubic_int.c \
brent.c chi_invim.c chsigne.c \
brent.c chi_invim.c chsigne.c checkpar.c\
classer.c cleanlens.c comp_chi_osv.c \
comp_dchi_osv.c copyright.c cor_seeing.c cor_shear.c \
cosmoratio.c cp_errdiff.c cp_images.c cp_im.c \
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