Commit 6dc36509 authored by Johan Richard's avatar Johan Richard
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Merge branch 'master' into shapemodel_ellipse

parents e5c92259 5737efc9
......@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ void o_print_res(double chi0, double evidence)
extern double z_dlsds;
extern double chip, chix, chiy, chis, chil, chi_vel,chi_mass; //I added chi_vel and chi_mass TV
extern double **map_p, **map_axx, **map_ayy;
extern struct g_pixel ps, imFrame;
extern struct g_pixel ps, imFrame, wFrame;
int i, j;
FILE *best, *besto;
char limages[ZMBOUND][IDSIZE];
......@@ -533,7 +533,9 @@ void o_print_res(double chi0, double evidence)
fprintf(besto, "cleanlens\n");
fprintf(besto, "\tcleanset %d %f\n", M.iclean, M.zclean);
if(strcmp(imFrame.pixfile, ""))
fprintf(besto, "\timFrame %d %s\n", imFrame.format, imFrame.pixfile);
fprintf(besto, "\timframe %d %s\n", imFrame.format, imFrame.pixfile);
if(strcmp(wFrame.pixfile, ""))
fprintf(besto, "\twframe %d %s\n", wFrame.format, wFrame.pixfile);
if(strcmp(ps.pixfile, ""))
fprintf(besto, "\tsframe %s\n", ps.pixfile);
if(strcmp(M.centerfile, ""))
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