Commit 2cb0f3c7 authored by Johan Richard's avatar Johan Richard
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Removed useless printfs in rdf_fits

parent e8d53f7c
......@@ -166,6 +166,7 @@ double *** rdf_cube_fits(char *filename,int *nx,int *ny,int *nz, char **pheader,
double cdel_l, crv_l, crp_l,lam_min, lam_max;
status = 0; /* initialize status before calling fitsio routines */
if (fits_open_file(&fptr, filename, READONLY, &status))
printerror( status ); /* call printerror if error occurs */
......@@ -186,12 +187,10 @@ double *** rdf_cube_fits(char *filename,int *nx,int *ny,int *nz, char **pheader,
if(fits_read_key(fptr, TDOUBLE, "CRPIX3", &crp_l, NULL, &status))
// printf("%.9lf\t %.9lf\t %.9lf\n",cdel_l,crv_l,crp_l);
lam_min = cdel_l*(1.-crp_l)+ crv_l; /* Calculating wavelength ranges */
lam_max = cdel_l*(naxes[2]-crp_l)+ crv_l;
// printf("%.9lf\t %.9lf\n",lam_min,lam_max);
*lmin= lam_min;
*lmax= lam_max;
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