Commit 0655e790 authored by Johan Richard's avatar Johan Richard
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Add reading RBF from .par

parent f9547e90
......@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ void r_observ(FILE *IN, FILE *OUT)
if (O.setseeing) {O.setseeing=1;}
O.r0st = O.seeing / sqrt(log(2.));
O.r0st = O.r0st * O.r0st;
fprintf(OUT, "\t%s\t\t%d %lf\n", second, O.setseeing, O.seeing);
else if (!strcmp(second, "seeing_e"))
......@@ -91,7 +91,11 @@ void r_observ(FILE *IN, FILE *OUT)
sscanf(third, "%d%s", &O.setseeing, O.psffile);
if (O.setseeing) {O.setseeing=3;}
else if (!strcmp(second, "rbfsig"))
sscanf(third, "%d%lf", &O.setrbfsig, &O.rbfsig);
fprintf(OUT, "\t%s\t\t%d %lf\n", second, O.setrbfsig, O.rbfsig);
// Read the next line
fmot(IN, second);
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