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* See
for soft-real-time programming hints.
## Errors
Simplify and speed-up error management. Error stack almost never has a depth
greater than one which means that each thread only has to memorize the last
error. The information about the last error can be stored in a per-thread
static data of small size with qualifier `static _Thread_local` (or `static
thread_local` with `<threads.h>`). This data may have a small buffer of given
size to store all needed information (perhaps with a flag indicating whether
error message and/or function name are given by static strings).
- No needs to perform any cleanup on exit and no risk or memory
- Bindings will be much easier to write.
Expected speed-up:
- Only 3ns to retrieve the per-thread data instead of 13ns in actual code.
- No needs to allocate and free memory for each error. At most, spend some
time to copy the error message and the function name.
## Things to do
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