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# image: name of the Docker image that is present in the local Docker
# Engine. Here we use Alpine linux.
image: alpine
# pages: tells the script the deploy action will be on gitlab pages
# script: instructions steps to be performed on Gitlab's project container
- ls
- apk update # apk is the Alpine package manager
- apk add doxygen # install doxygen
- doxygen Doxyfile # build the doc with doxygen
- mv docs/html/ public/
- ls
# artifacts: job artifacts are a list of files and directories created by a
# job once it finishes.
- public
# only: branch where the action will be triggered. This means if you push
# commits to any other branch the action won't happen. This is usually set to
# master to generate only documentation and update it when a stable version,
# tag and release are published to master branch.
- v0.8
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