Commit ae9abf2d authored by Simon Conseil's avatar Simon Conseil

Merge branch 'update_sp_fit_lines' into 'master'

Change the name of the pyPLATEFIT to pyplatefit in sp.fit_lines

See merge request !165
parents 8cfffd4e be57a964
Pipeline #3170 passed with stage
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......@@ -2335,9 +2335,9 @@ class Spectrum(ArithmeticMixin, DataArray):
from pyPLATEFIT import fit_mpdaf_spectrum
from pyplatefit import fit_mpdaf_spectrum
except ImportError:
raise ImportError("You need to install pyPLATEFIT.")
raise ImportError("You need to install pyplatefit.")
return fit_mpdaf_spectrum(self, redshift=redshift, **kwargs)
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