Commit 544a18ef authored by Simon Conseil's avatar Simon Conseil

Split comparisons in multiple instructions to make it easier to identify

the failing one
parent 27ca521c
......@@ -781,15 +781,18 @@ class WCS:
if not isinstance(other, WCS):
return False
return (
self.sameStep(other) and
self.naxis1 == other.naxis1 and
self.naxis2 == other.naxis2 and
np.allclose(self.get_start(), other.get_start(),
atol=start_atol, rtol=0) and
np.allclose(self.get_rot(), other.get_rot(),
atol=rot_atol, rtol=0)
if not self.sameStep(other):
return False
if self.naxis1 != other.naxis1 or self.naxis2 != other.naxis2:
return False
if not np.allclose(self.get_start(), other.get_start(),
atol=start_atol, rtol=0):
return False
if not np.allclose(self.get_rot(), other.get_rot(),
atol=rot_atol, rtol=0):
return False
return True
def sameStep(self, other):
"""Return True if other and self have the same pixel sizes.
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