Commit 2de5fcd5 authored by Simon Conseil's avatar Simon Conseil

Allow to pass a Segmap object

parent 3af24543
......@@ -257,15 +257,16 @@ def create_masks_from_segmap(
from joblib import delayed, Parallel
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
segmap_img = Segmap(segmap)'Aligning segmap with reference image')
if isinstance(ref_image, str):
ref_image = Image(ref_image)
if isinstance(catalog, str):
catalog =
if not isinstance(segmap, Segmap):
segmap = Segmap(segmap)
segm = segmap_img.align_with_image(ref_image, truncate=True, margin=margin)'Aligning segmap with reference image')
segm = segmap.align_with_image(ref_image, truncate=True, margin=margin)
dilateit, struct = _get_psf_convolution_params(convolve_fwhm, segm,
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