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Development version, not released yet.
- Compatibility with Astropy 3.1 for wcs shape.
- Add function to merge ``AUTOCAL_FACTORS`` files.
- Add function to merge ``AUTOCAL_FACTORS`` files
- Fix bug in `mpdaf.sdetect.Source.add_FSF` when source is close to the edge.
- Fix `mpdaf.obj.Image.subimage` to keep the same dtype as the input data.
- Increase the number of files that can be combined with `mpdaf.obj.CubeList`.
- Support method parameter in `mpdaf.sdetect.Source.add_narrow_band_images`.
- Fix writing sources with non-float extensions.
- Fix writing sources with non-float extensions. [!154]
- Fix pickle issue, making sure that ``data_header`` always match the object
state. [!157]
- Add a `mpdaf.obj.Spectrum.to_spectrum1d` method to interact with specutils.
- Ensure that a Unit object is created from the unit parameter, and fix variance
units for multiply and divide. [!150]
- Add function to create a mask of sources (`mpdaf.obj.mask_sources`), using
- Compute a better estimate of EXPTIME for combined cubes, using the mode
instead of the median.
- Add function to get z for given line position (`mpdaf.sdetect.z_if_linepos`).
- Speed up `mpdaf.sdetect.crackz` by only testing redshifts of line pairs.
- Fix bug in `mpdaf.obj.Image.subimage` where mask is False.
- Fix issue with the display of NaNs or masked values in `mpdaf.obj.Image.plot`,
removing the clipping when normalizing pixel values.
- Add a new class to manage FSF models (`mpdaf.MUSE.FSFModel`). The old tools
are deprecated (``mpdaf.MUSE.get_FSF_from_cube_keywords``,
``mpdaf.MUSE.FSF``). [!151]
Numerous changes to muselet. [!160]
- Improved treatment of extended sources: expand image sizes, as needed, returns
sextractor segmentation mask.
- Each narrow band now uses a corresponding weight map, not a global one.
- More robust cleaning of false detections outside FoV.
- Changes to merging algorithms. Results in slightly more objects (i.e. more
fragmentation, not necessarily more detections).
- Fixed "too many files open error" (hopefully).
- Merged "cont" and "sing" catalogs into one "object" catalog.
- Performance also improved via multiprocessing (but disabled by default).
3.0 (10/19/2018)
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